Monday, June 3, 2013

The lonely girl

The rain hit the window pane softly. Lightning flashed. Thunder made me jump forcing my fingers deeper inside me. My legs jerked a little. My breathing accelerated. I forced a third finger inside my tight virgin pussy. Grabbing my small breast with one hand and fingering myself with the other thunder makes me jump again. I gasp out in ecstasy as I feel my nipples hardening. A thought flashed in my mind. 'What would my sisters toy feel like?' I have seen her use it one time as I spied on her a couple weeks ago. She looked as if she was having fun. I got up and cracked my door. Peering out seeing if she was close. I listened for her but silence was all I heard. I quite snuck out of my room down the hall toward her room. Her door was closed. I opened it just a crack. There she was on her bed naked just like me. Her legs were spread open and I could see her toy sliding in and out of her with a soft buzzing sound. She moans as she caresses her perfect breasts. I start to touch myself. She moans louder. I stick two fingers inside my flower. Gently going in and out. I watch her more her back was arching, she gasped out moaning loudly as she gave a final squeeze on her breast. Her whole body jerked as she moaned and orgasmed. Her body went limp. I stood there, still fingering myself as she laid there on her bed. Legs spread the toy still buzzing inside her. Her leg was twitching as I moaned trying to be quiet. I felt stickiness run down my leg. My knees went weak. I tried to stay standing walking like a drunk to my room. I couldn't make it. I fell on the floor making a loud thud. I hears my sister get out of her bed. She was coming to me I thought. Her door opened. I looked at her. A smile was upon her face. She knelt beside me and whispered in my ear 'Want to play a game?'